In the chip packaging stage, HONOURTEK began optical optimization design.


Halogen lamps and LED light sources will be affected by the relevant components, resulting in a bad light shape. The inconsistencies of related lenses and reflector can have a series of effects. HONOURTEK is continuously optimized in optical design and greatly improves its compatibility with related devices.The Honourtek COB has a uniform (Lambertian) emitting disk as a source, which is reflected in a perfectly uniform beam with no multiple shadows or color variations over angle. Lambertian radiation patterns are common in the LED industry and optics companies that design and manufacturer reflectors and lenses are familiar with the design requirements, making the process even easier. Beam widths from less than 10° to greater than 90° are obtainable with many luminaire ranges.

卤素灯和LED光源都会受到相关元件的影响,导致光源形状不好。相关透镜和反射镜的不一致会产生一系列的影响。公司在光学设计方面不断优化,大大提高了与相关器件的兼容性。HONOURTEK COB有一个均匀的(朗伯)发射磁盘作为源,这是在一个完美的均匀光束反射没有多个阴影或颜色变化超过角度。Lambertian辐射模式在LED行业很常见,设计和制造反射镜和镜片的光学公司都熟悉设计要求,这使得整个过程更加容易。光束宽度从小于10°到大于90°°可与许多灯具范围。

Honourtek maintain a perfectly uniform beam without multiple shadows or color variations over angle