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This document contains general guidelines for handling, storing, soldering, and assembly of Delux COB arrays. The devices are robust and do not require extreme protective measures in handling or assembly. However there are a number of practices that should be followed to avoid inadvertent damage to the device. Failure to follow these practices can result in the destruction of the device as well as latent damage which may drastically shorten the life of the LED array.

本文档包含处理、存储、焊接和组装Delux COB阵列的一般准则。该设备是强大的,不需要极端的保护措施处理或组装。然而,有一些做法,应遵循,以避免无意中损坏设备。不遵循这些做法可能会导致设备的破坏,以及潜在的损害,这可能会大大缩短LED阵列的寿命。

This application note explains how Delux COB LEDs and assemblies containing these LEDs should be handled during manufacturing. Please read this entire document to understand how to properly design with and handle Delux family LEDs.


Delux COB LEDs Soldering and Handing Notes 

Delux COB发光二极管焊接和处理说明


 This document presents information about general physical principles related to solid state lighting and guidelines for designs using elements commonly used in conjunction with Delux chip on board arrays. Honourtek’s family LEDs deliver high lumen output and efficacy in family of single, easy-to-use components. Delux family LEDs enable lighting manufacturers to quickly add LED products to their product portfolio.


Delux COB LEDs Design Guide -English

DeluxCOB LED设计指南 -英语版

Delux COB LEDs Design Guide -Chinese

DeluxCOB LED设计指南 -中文版


This document presents information about Delux COB LEDs. It’s easy to find which product is suitable for your application .Delux family LEDs enable lighting manufacturers to quickly add LED products to their product portfolio. With Honourtek’s Delux family LEDs, lighting manufacturers can have performance, reliability and ease-of-use in a single LED. Delux COBs arrays can be incorporated into flood lights, wall washes, narrow beam spot lights as well as numerous types of PAR, MR, BR, GU, and replacement bulbs.

本文件介绍了有关Delux COB发光二极管的信息。很容易找到适合您的应用程序的产品。Delux系列发光二极管使照明制造商能够快速地将LED产品添加到他们的产品组合中。凭借Honourtek的Delux系列LED,照明制造商可以在一个单一的LED中拥有性能、可靠性和易用性。Delux COBs阵列可用于泛光灯、洗墙灯、窄光束光斑灯以及许多类型的PAR、MR、BR、GU和替换灯泡。

HONOURTEK Product Selection Guide -English v2.0


HONOURTEK Product Selection Guide -Chinese v2.0 




This Notes presents Honourtek, Inc. LED COB family of products for commercial lighting and residential lighting market provides a stable performance, high performance, low cost solid state lighting solutions. These products will be LED products of high efficiency, energy saving, long life and other advantages and many traditional light source of the light output level.


Honourtek, Inc. LED COB series products through a series of rigorous reliability tests, including endurance testing, environmental testing and mechanical testing, etc.. The serious project based on the JEDEC established standard semiconductor test method. In addition, Oulangte according to industry standards IES-LM-80 of lumen maintenance test.

Honourtek公司通过LED COB系列产品的一系列严格的可靠性测试,包括耐久性测试、环境测试和机械测试等。本课题基于JEDEC建立了标准半导体测试方法。此外,Honourtek公司还根据行业标准IES-LM-80的流明维护进行测试。

HONOURTEK Delux COB Reliability Notes -Chinese

HONOURTEK DeluxCOB可靠性说明 - 中文

HONOURTEK Delux COB Reliability Notes -English

HONOURTEK DeluxCOB可靠性说明 - 英文