HONOURTEK COBs is uniquely designed to provide high quality light for the life of the lights. Our reliability has two parts: (1) reliable optical output and (2) color consistency and light quality for the life of lights.

HONOURTEK公司COBs 是独特的设计,提供高品质的灯光生活。我们的可靠性包括两部分:(1)可靠的光输出 (2)光的颜色一致性和光质量的生命。

Our patented Color Consistent Platform Technology® keeps both LED die and temperature-sensitive phosphors stable by providing high efficient thermal paths for each. As a result, HONOURTEK COBs deliver high levels of output for more than 50,000 hours, even at maximum case temperature and lumen output. To ensure the reliability of the COBs, they conducted extensive and rigorous testing. Before development and launch, COBs are subjected to over 1,000 hours of Wet High Temperature Operating Life (WHTOL) testing at 85˚C and 85% relative humidity. After launch, COBs will receive long-term testing of LM80 high temperature operating life (HTOL). The results of the lumen maintenance were inferred by using the industry-standard TM – 21-11 calculator to verify performance.

我们的专利色彩一致性平台技术通过为每个荧光粉提供高效的热通道,保持LED模具和温度敏感荧光粉的稳定性。其结果是,HONOURTEK COBs提供高水平的输出超过50000小时,即使在最高情况下温度和流明输出。为了确保COBs的可靠性,他们进行了广泛而严格的测试。在开发和发射之前,在85°C和85相对湿度下进行1000小时以上的湿高温操作寿命(WHTOL)测试。发射后,科布公司将接受长期测试的Lm80高温工作寿命(HTOL)。流明维护的结果是通过使用行业标准TM–21-11计算器来验证性能。

The second aspect of our reliability promise addresses the maintenance of color point and color quality for the life of the COB. HONOURTEK COB begins life as “identical twins” – all COBs of a given color series (e.g. Warmer Series) and color temperature (e.g. 3000K) are within a 2×3 MacAdam Ellipse (± 0.005 Duv,) when shipped from the factory. And they stay within 3 MacAdam Ellipses of each other throughout their lives together.

我们的可靠性承诺的第二个方面,解决了维护的颜色点和颜色质量的COB的生活。HONOURTEK 公司以“同卵双生”的身份开始生活——COBs 系列的所有科布(如暖色系列)和色温(如3000K)都在2×3玛卡丹椭圆(从工厂发货时±0.005杜瓦。在他们的一生中,他们都生活在3个碎石椭圆里。

At the end of the day, you rely on our COBs to provide the required light for your application. Your space looks like you imagine, in the installation process. We guarantee our commitment to the unique Honourtek five years of color consistency and Lumen maintenance.