Delux HRA0920

25W Class HD COB Led. The Delux HRA0920 LED Array is the High-Density (HD) LED Array, featuring a breakthrough technology that doubles the system intensity of spot lights compared to previous arrays. The new HRA0920 HD LED Array provide unrivaled lumen density, enabling major reduction in system cost and power consumption. The HRA0920 LED enables lighting manufacturers to create a new generation of products that delivers the same intensity and light quality as 39-W ceramic metal halide (CMH) at up to 50 percent lower power.

尺寸 15.85×15.85 mm
发光面 9 mm
电压 36 V
典型电流 750 mA
最大电流 1050 mA
典型功率 25.2 W
最大功率 40 W
光通量输出范围 2000 – 4000 lm