Delux HRA0610

The Delux HRA0610 High-Density (HD) LED Array redefines what is possible for LED lighting in high-intensity applications. HONOURTEK HD LED Arrays double the light output of existing Delux LED arrays without increasing the size. The HRA0610 LED Array delivers more than 1500 lumens in a 6-mm light source that allows lighting manufactures to design smaller, more-efficient track lights, reduce the size of halogen replacements by half and deliver twice the CBCP of ceramic metal halide at 30 percent less power.

规格书下载Data sheet(pdf) File

尺寸 13.35×13.35 mm
发光面 6 mm
电压 36 V
典型电流 350 mA
最大电流 540 mA
典型功率 12.6 W
最大功率 20W
光通量输出范围 1400 – 2050 lm