Where are your company from?您的公司在哪里?
We are American base company. We have R$D center in silicon valley. All the engineer come from big LED package factory in USA. 我们是美国公司。我们在硅谷有研发中心。所有的工程师都来自美国的大型LED封装厂。
What's the background of Honourtek欧朗特的背景是什么?
Honourtek is a global company which have sales all over the world. R&D center in American, manufactory in China and Taiwan and sales center in USA, China and Germany. 欧朗特是一家全球性的公司,在世界各地都有销售。研发中心在美国,工厂在中国和台湾,销售中心在美国,中国和德国。
What's your product?你的产品定位怎么样?
Our product is COB package leds which reach world class level. And we also have some special application COB leds. Like 1700K CCT, 2200K CCT, 2500K CCT, BBBL COB, and so on. 我们的产品是COB封装LED,达到世界一流水平。我们也有一些特殊的应用COB发光二极管。比如1700K,2200K,2500K,BBBLCOB等。
Quality assurance质量保证
We give our customer 5 years guarantee for our product. 我们产品的质保期是五年
Are your COB compatible with other brand on dimension?在尺寸上,你的COB与其他品牌兼容吗?
Yes, our experienced marketing team give the best design for our customers. We use 15.85X15.85mm and 17.85X17.85mm substrate with les is 9mm and 12mm. It’s easy to find compatible reflector and lens. 是的,我们经验丰富的营销团队为我们的客户提供最好的设计。我们使用15.85X15.85毫米和17.85X17.85毫米基板与莱斯是9毫米和12毫米。很容易找到兼容的反射镜和透镜。
Honourtek corporation and product