Customized Service

Honourtek Delux Series COB arrays help customers to define the particular color with ACCURATE COLOR TECHNOLOGY. We make a difference in the way you light the world.



  • 1.Send your company information and your demand by our CS form.
  • 1.通过我们的CS表发送您的公司信息和您的需求。
  • 2.Our R&D team check your information and confirm the customized product classification
  • 2.我们的研发团队查看您的需求。
  • 3.Confirm the development contract.
  • 3.确认研发合同
  • 4.Pay the deposit.
  • 4.支付定金
  • 5.Honourtek finish the demo.
  • 5.Honourtek公司提供测试样品
  • 6.Customer confirm the demo and sign the datasheet back to Honourtek.
  • 6.客户确认测试结果并在合同上签字确认
  • 7.Begin the prototype and massive production.
  • 7.开始制作样板和大规模生产


  • 1. Your first order amount must over 3,000 USD or quantity is over 5k pcs. 
  • 1. 您的第一个订单金额必须超过3000美元或数量超过5000个。
  • 2. Pay 30% fund as deposit before the first order.
  • 2. 第一次下单前支付30%的定金。
  • 3. If the first order amount can't reach 3000 USD or the quantity can’t excute 5K pcs,the 10% of deposit will be charged as the Engineering production costs.
  • 3.如果第一笔订单金额达不到3000美金或数量如不能订购5000片,按订金的10%收取工程制作费。
  • 4. Deposit will recived by Honourtek. Our distributor don’t have right to get the fund.
  • 4.定金将由Honourtek公司收取,代理商没有权利获得这笔资金。
Customized product classification


The classification is defined base on the project difficulty level.


  1.  General customized requirements(GCR). Engineering production cost is 200USD.  一般定制要求(GCR),工程费200美元。
  2.  Special customized requirements(SCR). Engineering production cost is 500USD.  特殊定制要求(SCR),工程费500美元。
  3.  Project development and customization(PDAC).The engineering production fee will be charged according to the specific project situation. 需要建立项目开发及定制(PDAC),则根据具体项目情况收取工程制作费。

Email to with the Customized Service information.